River Word Foundation

We believe that God has given us mandate to equip people in the 7 Sectors which are also known as the 7 mountains to go into the sector with the power of God to make an eternal difference.

The 7 Mountains of Influence are:

  • Church / Religion
  • Business
  • Family
  • Education
  • Government / Law
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Media

These are vital influence areas that needs to be impacted by the body of Christ. We refuse to be a normal church that just has Sunday services. It’s clear that God wants us to impact the community, the city & nations.

We have started the River Word Foundation that would manage all these sectors in equipping the believer into the mature person in Christ.

In February 2019, we will be starting the River Bible Institute which will equip believers, in these sectors, ensuring that they are biblically grounded and sound.

For more info please email Carmen Wilson – rwcfoundation@riverwordchurch.co.za